Fellowship Application Information

When applying to our Fellowship Program, please submit the following via ERAS:

  • Common Application Form
  • Personal Goals Statement
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • USMLE Transcripts
  • ECFMG Status Report (Foreign Medical Graduates Only)
  • Wallet-sized Color Photo
  • The Division of Endocrinology Does Support Most H1B Visas

  • All interviews will be performed virtually, including internal and local candidates. Our system of evaluation relies on the candidate’s application and the virtual interview.  
  • We may ask candidates to judge our program on how we compare to other programs with regards to our website, information provided to candidates and virtual interview interactions. 
  • We do not require any candidate to make an in-person visit. If an in-person visit is explicitly requested by a candidate, it will be an informational visit only (e.g., tour of facilities) rather than a recruitment visit. No attempt should be made to personally influence a candidate’s rank order list during these informational visits.   
    • In-person visits may include very brief greetings with program personnel (e.g., program coordinator, program director and/or associate program director, current fellows) and a tour of clinics and hospital. In-person visits will not include formal interviews; one-on-one meetings with program faculty, program director, associate program director, fellows; or meals with fellows and/or faculty.  
    • An in-person visit will ​not improve a candidate’s position on a rank order list, and the absence of an in-person visit will not harm a candidate’s position on a rank order list. Our program will not keep track of applicant in-person visits. 
    • Visit related costs (travel, hotel, meals) will not be covered by the program.