Required Educational Components of our Fellowship Program


Required Educational Components of the Fellowship Program in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Weekly Conferences

For the first academic month, the Endocrine faculty cover a range of “urgent” Endocrine topics specifically directed toward the new fellows.Thereafter, the first and third weeks of every month is a case conference, chosen by the fellow and inspired by an interesting patient seen in the clinic or on the consultation service. The case and a brief review of the literature are presented to faculty, fellows, PA’s and rotating residents and students.The second week of every month is a journal club. The fellow presents a paper from the recent literature, mentored by a faculty member. Instruction in critically reviewing the literature and preseting is included.The fourth week of every month is a research meeting, presented by faculty and directed toward a practical introduction to the research being done in our division.

Weekly Endocrine Grand Rounds

Endocrine or visiting faculty present clinical or research oriented talks to the division. Fellows present once a year.

Pathology Conference monthly

Fellows and faculty meet with the cytopathologist to review all pertinent pathology slides related to recent patients seen by the service.

Board review weekly

Fellows and the program director meet for an hour a week to review ESAP questions, synchronized with suggested reading.

Outpatient Clinics

Fellows participate in 5-6 half day clinics weekly (during non-consult months) at the VA hospital and the UF Health complex. These include general Endocrine, Diabetes and thyroid clinics. Thyroid clinics include instruction in thryoid ultrasound and biopsy. Rotations with Pediatric Endocrinology and Reproductive Endocrinology can be arranged.

Consultation Service

Fellows participate on a busy consultation service covering both the VA hospital and the UF Health hospitals. Fellows are exposed to a wide variety of inpatient Endocrine conditions.

 Medicine Grand Round Conferences

 Medicine Grand Rounds Calendar.

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